Thursday, March 4, 2010

THE INSANE STATE OF MAINE, Things you won't learn from the mainstream media about Carol Murphy

The Insane State of Maine......

Carol Murphy....65 years old....held 130 days now !

Growing up in Conn......Carol had a mom, dad and one brother.

Her house was always filled with animals! Pets.....birds....dogs...

cats.....guinea pigs.....her brothers snakes...Her mom raised puppies.

Carol..loved her pets..and drawing and reading.and horse back riding.

She loved her parents, and they loved her !

Carol once took a lone trip to Africa to return a Chimp to its native abode !

Carol went to college....She has worked as an executive secretary. She

wrote manuals for companies........yes, she could spell !

At the end of the 1990's Carol's mother fell ill. Her dad had passed away...

as well as her brother. Carol....who had not married....spent the next seven

years of her life nursing her mother..keeping her from harm through all the

varied medical settings one can easily find oneself in these days, being the

advocate and caretaker she had always been. Eventually her mother passed

on. With the proceeds left to her Carol bought an old farmhouse in rural Maine.

With an expanse of land and backing up to a river......she felt she had the ideal

spot for her own retirement. She paid cash for this bucolic she dreamed

about the many things she could now do. Carol also spent many years working with

a veterinarian on pet-cancer programs. She spoke often about it with reserved pride

in her so many animals were being saved on the programs they designed

for these treasured pets ! How surprised and grateful the clients good she

felt about what they were doing........Carol loved animals from the get go ! She bought

a few to add to her parrot of twenty years duration and her best-pal dog. She found

a 'dream horse' and a few other appropriate 'I live on a farm and this is my land and

these are my animals' sorts of 'critters' !

About five years ago now...Carol..after a trip to the store....( trips to the store in rural

Maine.can take some time!) ...... came home to find her beautiful

horse beheaded......that's right!..The animals head was detached from its body and

it was glistening out back on the ground ! Her parrot ? Dog ? other pets ? Gone !

Stolen. Robbed.......Who would do such a thing? Someone....a neighbor? thought

they might profit from calling the racketeers they give pay-checks to in Maine?

In trying to get justice..i.e., expose the crooks for who and what they are ....Carol

has had many run-ins with state-of 'officials'. The horror this gentle-woman experienced

should only ever exist on the Saturday night movies. Carol lived through it. She knows

who did it. If you listened to her you would too ! But...last October 14th a Maine cop

with no warrant ( I know this because Carol said so ) intruded into her off road home.

This cop had to go past a Federal No Trespass sign to go up and open Carol's door !

As an excuse he said he heard something ? So sorry.....not good enough ! Also he

mentions in one of the first reports that he was 'checking up on her for PETA !'.

Do all of you over-stressed tax-payers realize that your local police forces are ...

doing business on the side ....while wearing the county or state uniform.....???

I wonder if you do. Carol lived alone . After that day five years ago she lived

with the knowledge that whomever killed her baby horse ..might come back ! In fact

the more the state of Maine yelled at HER to pay a fine, instead of find the perps...

the more leary she became ! Enter officer cop.10/14/09.who pepper sprayed Carol. She

tried to stop him from being in her home with a useless stun-toy. Maybe you people ,

ought to look into the Castle Doctrine...or, have any of you ever heard that ones

home is supposed to be their castle ? No. No one who works for the state of Maine

apparently has ever heard this ! I wonder what they must dump into the water up there

to cause such a disgusting case of Nobody Home ! Might be both catching and

terminal ! No kidding ! Check out the paper story below and see if you can figure it

out . Hurry ! 'Getting late and I think you're about to develope a rash !

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