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Communication with Old Dog - Government Debt

by Walter Burien - 06/01/10

Old Dog:

I always pass on to those I consider friends points on how not to get egg on your face.

It went unsaid but you are appreciated.

Per government, the point not comprehended by the public (intentionally orchestrated so) is per that debt issue.

Picture if you were a multi-millionaire with an openly talked about 11 million dollar worth (property; cash; real-estate) but you had 13 million dollars in debt (the loans / mortgage on your house, property, business; and annual opperating budget made up that 13M debt) and you cried to all that you know that you were almost under and did not know if you would survive, and bankruptcy was right around the corner..

Well, if people looked at your worth statement (11M) and your standing debt (13M) they would say: Shit, he is 2M in the hole. Or in governments case for impression's sake why they are trying to take more money and provide less services.

Now for the "really piss you off comprehension"

I will use the same scenario as above but with one modification:

As step one you had a net worth free and clear of 13M. You called me up and said: "Walter, I want you to start a bank and I am going to give you for deposit 13M. I am then going to buy a big house (6M), start a business that will cost in setup (5M) and some other property that will cost 2M. I want you to lend the 13M to me for these things and charge me 7% interest and you can keep 2% for your effort in doing this for me.

So, in reality your 13M in debt is self funded and you are getting most of the interest charged.. The people that thought you were 2M in the hole were being played like a Stradivarius Violin thinking THE EXACT opposite of what was.

BOTTOM LINE: Government promotes debt at the front door as they fund the same debt with their own investment funds under arrangements / agreements through the back door. Did you ever once ask yourself who is funding that tens of trillions of dollars in debt? Think about it!

The whole sky is falling routine is designed to keep the people oblivious to what actually took place over the last 65 - 70 years as they were masterfully entertained.

Get it? Government took it all over by investment and at the same time locked in the productivity value of the next 5 to 7 generations through their expansion and shell game presented of dept and ongoing expense.

Probably 85% to 90% of government debt both domestically and "internationally" is self funded.

Now I bet this little bit of cognitive comprehension shown has brightened up your day. (sarcastically said)

PS: Those trillion dollar bailouts at tax payer expense (productivity value stolen) were applied to make sure government stayed in the black on their own investment funds.

The health care bill that just passed was designed to create major profits (trillions) for the pharmaceutical, health care, insurance companies that government in collective totals between federal and local already own by investment (taken over bit at a time over decades)

Now that the big (of no equal) light bulb just went off in your head what are you going to do with it?

Walter Burien - CAFR1

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

http://CAFR1.com and http://TaxRetirement.com

PS: If you circulate the above article, I note that I used 85% to 90% self funded on debt. That percentage was intentionally off and used for one reason of: "Take the bait please".

I would love to see a bureaucrat or talking head come back in reply with:

No, no, no, no! He doesn't know what he is talking about! He is way off, it is only 60% to 75%! :<)

They are in a big "Catch 22" situation here. They can not even mention the issue being that a cognitive thought qualifies the issue in the first place so in response the "Silence is Golden" routine or outright obfuscation directing away to the consequential is the only approach those that set up this type of technique can use.

The world you are masterfully sound-bite condition to understand is not as it seems...

Please spread a cognitive thought far and wide per the issue in the article by copy and forward to all that you know. All need to have this thought register in their mind and thinking..

It is time to break the back of the syndicate with simple but VERY important disclosure clearly presented without distraction.

Make their silence is golden routine close in on them until it is suffocating them. This tactic of self funding debt is the 1000 megaton nuke waiting to go off in their laps...


Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!


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Good afternoon Walter:

Thank you for sharing, I am firmly behind your great work, and want you to know how very grateful many of us are to you for your courage and conviction in your efforts, amazingly, there is one in co. commissioner's ofc. who has received info repeatedly on this issue but refuses to believe it, since he feels he is right on top of all of the income and there is no way, he says any can be hidden, am wondering what exact info I might share with him to convince him he is wrong, over the years I have shared a number of things with him, which they too, he rejected as untrue, until it turned out what I had shared was in fact right on track. I feel it is of real urgency to know how to convince others of the truth of such things as this.

May you know God's richest blessings and may He guide you in this endeavor, I prayed about it just yesterday that He would bring to light and expose such things, in such a way, this entire nation of those who fail to see would know the truth, of this and many other things of which people are being so deceived still.

For it is the truth that shall set us free, God speed

Rose in MT

__________________________________________________________________ _________________________




Example: Say a city has 200M with a state local government investment pool and the same pool is funding 200M of the same city debt. The same can apply with a bank; brokerage or insurance house.

Now if you asked the city if "they" are funding their own debt they can honestly say "No"

But, if the Local Pool; bank; brokerage or insurance house back door equation was added into the picture the answer would have to be "Yes"

Walter Burien - CAFR1

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532




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The People Spoke and CAFR1 Listened

by Walter Burien


Well, the People Spoke and CAFR1 listened and followed their recommendations..

The three minute trailer that CAFR1 released for "The Only Game in Town - The Way Our Government Can Be" I was told by many was to short and not adequate to get the point across. So, today I released a new trailer on YouTube that can be viewed at the following link:


I have also updated the CAFR1 front page with the same 10 minute trailer.

Please share this with your email lists, friends and family. If you have a website or blog post the new trailer there also.

The feedback I have received on the new trailer is that it now hits the nail on the head and is more than adequate as a trailer to give the comprehension needed that will motivate the viewer to watch the complete documentary and also they will learn a great deal just from viewing the trailer itself....

If you have the 1st three-minute trailer release on your website or blog, please swap out with this ten-minute trailer.

If you wish to download the trailer directly from the CAFR1 site you can do so at the following link - http://CAFR1.com/Video/CAFR1_Trailer_2.avi

And may I make one suggestion? No "if" "and" or "buts," any candidate for office should clearly run on and implement this platform to win. All candidates that refuse to mention "the process to eliminate taxation" and give the voters the silent treatment or obfuscate should not get one vote from the informed. This applies from the mayor of the smallest town to the President of the United States. It will be you that elects a thief perpetuating the status quo or in the alternative a true liberator. No excuses, here it is on a silver platter for all to use...

Thanks and here is wishing for a much brighter future for all of us and truly yours,

Walter Burien - CAFR1

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

http://CAFR1.com and http://TaxRetirement.com

Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes.

TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!

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Government says their Pensions are 1 trillion Short?

Well, looks like it may be time for an education lesson!

by Walter Burien - CAFR1.com


If you said you were $40 short on your monthly food budget, what is the first question that comes to mind?

ANS: What is your monthly food budget..

If your food budget was $400 you are short 10%, if $80 then you are short 50%.. Big difference between the two.

This media "promotion" of 1 trillion dollars short has two big pieces of the picture intentionally omitted.

1. What is the "collective" totals under management that they say they are 1 trillion dollars short on?

2. What is the actuarial projection being used whereby they say they are 1 trillion dollars short?

EXAMPLE: If you wanted $100,000 a year at retirement, how much money do you need to put to the side that pays you $100,000 of investment return twenty years from now?

The key factor here is the projected rate of return you anticipate getting from your fund balance. Lets say we use an actuarial projection of a 10% rate of return. That means we must have $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) put aside and at a 10% annual return that gives us our $100,000 a year. But if we projected getting a 5% rate of return that would now make the figure $2,000,000 (2 million dollars). Let's take it one step further. Let's use an actuarial projection of 2.5%, that means we would need $4,000,000 (4 million dollars)

Well, there is a big difference between 1 million dollars and 4 million dollars.

So, under the example above if we at the start used a projection of a 2.5% rate-of-return, had built our balance up with contributions and investment return over ten years to $2,000,000 (2 million dollars) we would be 50% short on our "projected" need to meet our retirement using a 2.5% projected rate of return.

Well here's the kicker.. if "in reality" we were getting a 10% rate of return and adjusted our "actuarial projection" accordingly, we would be 100% over funded..... Get it??? Only $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) needed.

So the ONLY issue when government says they are 1 trillion dollars short is: What are the actuarial projections being used vs . THE REAL RATE of return being accomplished combined with their standing fund balance?

It is VERY important to look at 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 years of performance results to establish a correct actuarial projection that should be used per "projected" rate of return. Keep in mind the local governments own those funds NOT the employees. The employees bought a ticket to ride under contract. They get a set amount at retirement not a penny more. If performance on the fund was up by two or three times what was needed the employees do not get 1c extra, they just have their ticket to ride under specific terms from point "A" to point "B".

The actuarial projections used by the local governments are designed to build up a "power base" for those local governments. With hundreds of billions of dollars under management in each state that is a lot of grease to grease the skids for Corporate acquisitions; real-estate development; massive loans granted; and bond offerings backed. Here the incentive for the local governments is to fudge the actuarial projections used to build up a much bigger power base. Additionally in doing so they give the impression of being short and thus get more money from the employee and take more tax revenue from the public...

On the State level their are many different local government retirement funds. Usually there will be one State retirement fund (usually the largest) and many other local government retirement funds. They are separate from each other but many network together under specialty "private" associations that in consult direct them all as a monopoly of no equal.

As an example from one state New Jersey, here are a few of the primary State funds that are active or closed but still under management. Many local governments from within the state may or may not be participating in these State funds. Other local governments in the state may be managing their own on the local level. When a local government says they are short, again look closely at the actuarial projections used vs. the real rate of returns accomplished over several years. As a rule government employees are just told the actuarial projection used, they are NOT told the real rate of return accomplished... The employees may be told 7% when 16% or 18% may be the reality... as was the case in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona from 1990 to 1999.

New Jersey

Alternate Benefit Program ("ABP")

Alternate Contribution Tax Sheltered Program ("ACTS")

Central Pension Fund ("CPF")

Consolidated Police and Firemen's Pension Fund ("CPFPF")

Judicial Retirement System ("JRS")

New Jersey Pensions and Benefits Home Page

New Jersey Treasury, Division of Pension & Benefit

Police and Firemen's Retirement System ("PFRS")

Prison Officers' Pension Fund ("POPF")

Public Employees' Retirement System ("PERS")

State Employees' Deferred Compensation Plan ("NJSEDCP")

State Employees' Tax Savings Program ("Tax $ave")

State Police Retirement System ("SPRS")

Supplemental Annuity Collective Trust ("SACT")

Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund ("TPAF")

Collective totals are massive. Most of the large State pension funds put out a CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) for each of their pension funds listing the extensive holdings / investments of each fund.

And per issue #1 above, collective totals from all local and federal pension / retirement funds from the thousands of "separate" accounts, a good estimate of collective totals would be somewhere between 26 to 30 trillion dollars.

I note as these funds grew and were invested over the last eight decades they drove the economy by their capital investment. Did favoritism; fraud; and market manipulations occur as these funds grew? Oh yes, and some examples came to light (very few) and most went in and out with the tide as normal operations masked.

Bottom line? LOOK AND LEARN....,

Do not be played for an easy mark (this applies to both taxpayers AND government employees) The only way to see if you are getting played with false actuarial projections applied is to look first hand and see for yourself. You do NOT ask foxes if they are eating hens from the hen house. The only time you may get a straight answer there is if you are a fox yourself and are part of the pack.

I hope the above also gives you a better understanding of what the site TaxRetirement.com brought forward per the TRF (Tax Retirement Funds). Here the same type of massive investment funds can build with the sole objective being to phase out all taxation generated therefrom. Not lowering taxation but eliminating it.

This can be done utilizing the exact same fund managers currently handling government pensions to accomplish the purpose of tax elimination. If you catch the gist of this can you see how through capital reinvestments coming from the TRFs we then can have a long term"economic stimulus package" of no equal and no taxation? In fact government pensions can be included in with the TRFs and benefits paid therefrom... as well as eliminating all taxation..

Time for a "real" change..? Hopefully you get it and comprehend how this can happen..

The government syndicate needs to be brought under control and have a means of operation that directly benefits the people from the wealth amassed. The principle of operation of the TRFs does just that and allows for transparency and true good intent to come to play..

Truly yours,

Walter Burien - CAFR1.com

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

PS: Make the investment wealth of government directly benefit the people and taxation be gone! TRF now!


Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!


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Subject: WJB - Re: Freddie and Fannie - FNMA and FHLMCCAFR1 NATIONAL REPLY POST TO ERNEST - 08/23/08: Freddie and Fannie - FNMA and FHLMC

Ernest:You say: "would it have happened regardless, due to all banks being insolvent due to bad loans over the century?"That is what they would like you to think and it is part true.The real question to ask is: "I want to see a detailed list of investors and who defaulted over the last two years on commercial and residential property mortgages?"Both Freddie and Fannie being federal enterprise authorities, it gave the perfect opportunity for local governments to stash away massive amounts of investment capital where it became "invisible" to the public. Always in the black, always turning out a return (except for the last year). The bubble of spec roll-overs began to burst.The actions to sure-up Freddie and Fannie are designed to immediately protect the mortgage investors, not the stock-holders or mortgage holders. The theme is to make the environment secure and profitable in the future for the mortgage investors currently backing six-trillion dollars in mortgages with those investors being predominately local and international governments. The cute part is: These local government entities covertly took the investment capital from the public in the first place to be the primary investors with Freddie and Fannie and now they are using tax-payer funds to bail themselves out and stabilize the government investments that the tax-paying public do not even know exist.Here is where the crimes come in: Who from the inside players nationally were using Fannie and Freddie in the erroneous roll-over mark-up game that stuck it to the investors / stock-holders? And, also who from the inside players simply walked off with a few million before they had a chance to roll-over when the bubble burst?If and audit was done specifically on those two points, several thousand politicians, judges, (city, county, and state) attorneys, and other inside players that made a few extra million dollars on the side from the inside would in most probabilities be indicted; prosecuted; and fall. The problem is, government will not do the audit on those points, or if they did, they would not make it public due to the fact the public is unaware that their own local. Federal, and cooperative International government players are they primary investors (about five-trillion dollars worth). The public would then ask where did all of that government investment capital come from and what else and how much do they have elsewhere? Massive can of worms for them there....So as far as open investigation, audit, and indictments per the two issues noted above, (or 911) you would have had a much better chance of getting Malcum X ellected as the national spokes-person and Chairman for the KKK in the 60's. Silence is golden as the theft took place just as much as it is after the fact..Educate a few local government Law Enforcement Detectives and Police Chiefs on these two points above. Who knows, they may get the ball rolling from the ground floor up, especially if their own pension funds took a hit from the crimes committed by the other government inside players who walked with the cash from Fannie and Freddie and stuck it to them.Yours truly,Walter J. Burien, Jr.P. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, AZ 85936Tel: 928-445-3532Website: http://cafr1.com/

> Walter:>> Which one person or group decided to sell mortgages without the contracts at bargain rates to financial houses and banks around the world that led to this crisis, or would it have happened regardless, due to all banks being insolvent due to bad loans over the century?>> Thank you.>> Ernest>

> ----- Original Message -----> From: Walter Burien> To: NATIONAL@cafr1.com> Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 11:45 PM>

Subject: Freddie and Fannie - FNMA and FHLMC> > > CAFR1 NATIONAL POST - 08/22/08> > > Please read: http://CAFR1.com/OJ2.html then read the PS noted here.> > > PS: Here is a snip from the news wire a few days ago:> > "Buddy Piszel, Freddie's chief financial officer, said, "We're managing the firm to not have to access the government support."Freddie's stock tumbled more than 19 percent to$6.49. Shares of Fannie Mae, which reports earnings on Friday, slid almost 15 percent to $11.60."> ------------------------------------------------------------------------> Now take that $6.49 and $11.60 per share and multiply times the shares outstanding. That will give you the value of the "shell" which is a very small fraction of the Six trillion (the substance) being the value of the mortgage investments held which is separately put up by the investors in that vehicle. Even with fractional reserve banking principles being used the value of the mortgages outstanding no where comes close to the value of the stock. The investors in the mortgages? Local and federal investment assets. The bail-out of FNMA and FHLMC is not to protect the stock holders or the mortgagees, it is to protect the investors. Six trillion dollars worth. That is why it is so important to show who the investors behind the mortgages are.. Local and federal governments holding the Lion's share???? On a last note when FNMA and FHLMC stock cut in half, did that mean six-trillion of investments got cut in half. No they did not. It is the default rate that is cutting the shell's stock value which is based on FNMA and FHLMC "management" of the investments held - Six trillion... so again, who are the investors behind that six trillion dollars? Primarily state and federal investment assets "invisible" to the public that are feeling the pinch of substantially reduced rates of return based on the increased default rate..> > > Walter J. Burien, Jr.> P. O. Box 2112> Saint Johns, AZ 85936> > Tel: 928-445-3532> > Website: http://cafr1.com/> > --------------------------------


The Trailer of "The Only Game in Town - The Way Our Government Can Be" is now up on the CAFR1 front page and playing on YouTube video as of today.The link on YouTube to watch the trailer is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2ClJ3Mvzt0 If you have a website or blog, please help pass the word and display the trailer there. The YouTube embed html code for placement to source code on your website or blog so that the trailer displays is:The complete Documentary will be viewed from the CAFR1.com site under a 24-hour pass through a $3 Click Per View feature and after four months will be released for open distribution.With every Click the comprehension spreads. Most of us wanted a peaceful revolution that actually gives birth to real change, well what is brought forward here does just that in a big way and at the same time every view of the documentary helps CAFR1 and the TRF move forward.CAFR, GOVERNMENT INVESTMENTS, AND YOUFilling in the void of Government "Collective" Investment and Gross Income Totals Taxation? Not Needed! We have seen Government's Game, now it is Time that Government learned the People's ....Only Game in Town!This is a big Win - Win for all involved, and will create a thriving economy probably for the next thousand years in its own right. So please help pass the word worldwide to millions of people, this is not just for the USA but for all countries worldwide... Comprehension is the key to unlocking all doors and here it is, straight forward, clear, and to the point..
I fell behind on getting comments in from people from across the land but will insert them when made available into the documentary. If you would like to submit a 15 to 20 second comment for insert for the final cut of the documentary, please contact me for details on how to do so.Please circulate this to all that you know, post, and distribute. Let them "get it" too. One mind; one body; one heart; one force; no division and the only Game in Town will become all of the People's rock across the land for our and our descendants prosperous future.If you wish to bypass YouTube and save the trailer file for display, it can be downloaded from the CAFR1 site here - http://cafr1.com/Video/Trailer_CAFR1.flvIt is time to truly take back our country, let's make it happen and happen soon Timing is everything and I think we all can agree, the time is now.
Truly yours,Walter Burien - CAFR1.comP. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, AZ 85936email: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com Tel. (928) 445-3532http://cafr1.com/ and http://taxretirement.com/ ---------------------------------------- Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!----------------To automatically subscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=subscribe-------------- To automatically unsubscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=unsubscribe--------------Important PS:http://CAFR1.com/DNT.html (for the kitty) BACK TO THE CAFR1 FRONT PAGE
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An article was published today by a Clint Richardson an independent writer per the CAFR and Corporate / Government ownership.
It is a very long read but many provoking thoughts as it progresses. Good effort on his part..
Sent FYI from,
Walter BurienP. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, Arizona 85936Tel. (928) 445-3532

The Coast to Coast show is Wednesday the 6th at 10PM PACIFIC TIME (Thursday the 7th at midnight EASTERN TIME).
I should have said Wednesday the 6th.
Walter Burien - CAFR1 will be on the radio show of Coast to Coast AM, with host George Noory, Wednesday January 7th 2010 from 10 PM to 1 AM Pacific time.Even though the radio show is in the late evening on the west coast and early morning on the east coast, the show is rated the #1 listened to night radio program and also as the 5th largest listen to radio program in the county having several million listeners worldwide nightly with Wednesday being the most listened to day of the week for the show.
Coverage of the show is very good on the 500 + local station affiliates. To find a local radio station in your area where you can listen to the show, the following link will give a listing for the US, Canada, Virgin Islands, and Guam - http://www.coasttocoastam.com/affiliates several of which stream the show on their station's website over the Internet.Additionally, the show can be heard on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio Talk Radio - XM Channel 165
CAFR1 will be discussing the truth and falsehood behind governments saying they are broke; qualifying local and federal government "collective" wealth held; the up coming CAFR1 documentary The Only Game in Town - The way Our Government Can be; the path as a nation that we are on, how we got here, and the not to pleasant imminent outcome we face staying on our current path; an alternative path that can be followed that would create a stable and prosperous economy that will last for the next thousand years worldwide and at the same time upfront phase out all taxation. (Not lower but eliminate all together) There is only one thing needed - for you to grasp the comprehension of how it is done and then make it happen!
If you can catch the radio show it promises to be a good one to learn from, record, and share with others.

Walter BurienP. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, Arizona 85936Tel. (928) 445-3532http://cafr1.com/ and http://taxretirement.com/email: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com
Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!---------------------------------To automatically subscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=subscribe---------------------------------If you do not wish to be on the CAFR1 NATIONAL email list then click - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=unsubscribe


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has asked all citizens to help her with the financial crisis in Arizona. I just sent the following message to her via this web page: http://www.azgovernor.gov/Contact.asp

_____ SUBMITTED 12/26/09 BY WALTER BURIEN - CAFR1.com ___________

Governor Brewer: Hmmm.. Arizona …. Time for a little audit review of Arizona Local government wealth as brought forward in their Annual Financial Reports! Here are some potential surplus reviews of AZ local governments from 2003 conducted by the late Gerald Klatt a retired federal auditor of 30 years. I wonder what the showing would be for 2009? Arizona State Government – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-AZ-S1.htm
A few Arizona Counties and Cities Maricopa County – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-MaricopaCounty-AZ-C1.htm
City of Mesa – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-Mesa-AZ-CY1.htm
City of Phoenix – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-Phoenix-AZ-CY1.htm
Pima County – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-PimaCounty-AZ-C1.htm
City of Scottsdale – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-Scottsdale-AZ-CY1.htm
City of Tempe – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-Tempe-AZ-CY1.htm
City of Glendale – http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-Glendale-AZ-C1.htm———————————

————— I Note: ENRON Promoted it’s Profits and hid it’s debt. Governments promote their debt and hide their profit. ———————————————— The biggest obstacle to overcome is as expressed in the following quote: TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612 You also may wish to take a read through an article I wrote per CA & TX in solving budget shortfalls - http://cafr1.com/SolvingShortfalls.htmlAnd per collective wealth held by government, the "Common Denominator" - http://cafr1.com/TCD.htmlThere is to much greasing of the skids going on nationally to where the public is getting the very short end of the stick. Let's talk! I can show you how to phase out all taxation in AZ and have a thriving economy, AND the same revenue stream coming in for government at the same time. Want to be a hero who's legacy is remembered for all time to come? Then let's talk! Walter - CAFR1.com

COPY SENT TO THE CAFR1 National email list FYI from,

Walter BurienP. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, Arizona 85936Tel. (928) 445-3532http://cafr1.com/ and http://taxretirement.com/email: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com
Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!---------------------------------To automatically subscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=subscribe---------------------------------If you do not wish to be on the CAFR1 NATIONAL email list then click - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=unsubscribe


ARTICLE ARCHIVED AT - http://CAFR1.com/How.html
TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612
The Who and How they Own and Control it All!
by Walter Burien
December 15th 2009
I will note that the most important fact the people need to know is that in collective totals government (thousands of individual government entities) owns by stock ownership; bond participation; and equity participation most of the large public traded companies such as technology; pharmaceuticals; energy; banks; insurance; and war industry groups through collective stock ownership (in many a case 71% to 83% ownership)

There is no one individual government entity that will call the shots for these companies (even though some carny more clout then others) but there are private associations that network thousands of local and federal government accounts that have been assigned representative proxy vote rights for the thousands they represent and here is where the control rests.

By proxy vote representing the "collective" primary shareholders they can exert pressure for that company to do as told and if not they can if they wished remove the board of directors by representative proxy vote. On the other hand they can network millions if not billions of dollars of investment capital for direction and investment with any company.
So, no matter from which side you look at it, the control factor is there.. Do a search for what financial consulting "private associations" with nice government sounding acronyms your many different local governments belongs to and the patterns of control will start coming into view.
For the CAFR local government's Annual Financial Report, the two primary private associations that call the shots by direction and consult are GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association) and GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board). Find the common denominators for your local government pensions (which in collective totals are in the trillions of dollars) and here is where the collective power is exerted.

Local and federal entities are restricted from owning individually more that 5% of any company, but by networking their 5% with hundreds if not thousands of other local and federal investment portfolios through these private associations, they bypass any restrictions per monopoly and exerting undue influence on the companies they collectively own. Understanding this is VERY important to comprehend how the undercurrents of control are exerted.
On another note, most people don't realize the Democratic and Republican parties are 100% "private associations" designed from the get-go to have their people placed for access to the massive capital flow running through government. (Standing at 15 trillion dollars collective gross income generated each years for local and federal as of 2007 from all sources). You have to ask yourself "What is the intent of these private associations and our government officials?" Is it to make your life better or to enrich themselves giving the "impression" they are there to make your life better.. Well, it does not take to high of an IQ to see the end result of their intent played out in final result. Easy money has brought us to a point of massive theft. Not just of our property and income but also in our environment to maintain a healthy and good life-style.
It does not matter if 95% of us have good intent, when that 3% factor can steal it all in obscurity maintained, there is a slight tad bit of a problem for us all. The new CAFR1 documentary soon to be released will address this problem and offer definitive remedy that can be applied to correct this circumstance, and improve vastly the economy we are living in. (Worldwide application will apply here also)

Truly yours,Walter J. Burien, Jr. – CAFR1.comP. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, AZ 85936email: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com Tel. (928) 445-3532http://cafr1.com/ and http://taxretirement.com/ ----------------------------------------- Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!----------------To automatically subscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=subscribe-------------- To automatically unsubscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts - http://cafr1.com/phplist/?p=unsubscribe--------------Important PS: http://CAFR1.com/DNT.html (for the kitty) BACK TO THE CAFR1 FRONT PAGE


The Common Denominatorby Walter Burien12/21/09
Are you ready for the biggest "Ah Ha" moment in your life? Then learn why they do what they do. Learn Government's underlying and primary motive for the actions and decisions that they enact. This applies to the Health Care bill that just passed; financial bailouts that occurred; the price of energy in this country; and the perpetual war that is maintained. There is no gray area here "if" you look and see the reality of the core motive. As has been the case for hundreds of years, if not millenniums, easy money has been a core drive behind the human condition. Guaranteeing a massive profit due to your own actions is a strong driving force no matter who is behind the steering wheel. Per the health care bill that just passed the syndicated media was honest per one disclosure they openly made. That being that the Pharmaceutical Companies profits will soar based on massive increases in drugs prescribed and paid for through tax payer revenue. Additionally that the insurance companies will be a big winner based on reduced liability with taxpayer revenue covering most of the liability. Now this was brought forward by the syndicated media. The common denominator having the most important reality to these statements was intentionally left out. That being: "Who owns the Pharmaceutical Companies and who was the biggest (primary) investor with the insurance companies that would greatly profit? Well, the clear answer to those questions without any question is collective government investments. The health care bill passed guarantees collective government massive profits amounting into trillions of dollars. Prior to reading this answer did this thought even cross your mind? Probably not due to the fact an intentional vacuum, a void in your comprehension was promoted and maintained DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED and the power and control derived therefrom. But, being that the players involved had to keep track of their own transactions a record is there for you to see "if" you know where to look to see. The syndicated media and controlled education is in a 100% symbiotic relationship with the money being generated here so not a word from them. They do what they are paid very well to do and they do an excellent job in which one of those roles is not a peep or word of comprehension towards government's collective takeover and thus maintaining the void of comprehension in the masses due to the money involved AND they know if it was comprehended by the masses it would establish the reality to the masses that all they were told throughout their life's was a lie per the USA being a free country ruled by the people having an elected representative government. That in a closer reality, government in the USA had evolved out of opportunity into a well masked communist country with a strongly entrenched permeated fascist twist. The void maintained here in the masses boiled down to who owns it all by investment.. Collective government smoothly made this transition into complete ownership through networking with private financial associations that kept very low profiles but amassed unequaled power through their membership of thousands of local and federal government accounts. Through this process of organized collective they could target any company; industry group; domestic; or International to take them over by investment. Now most of the masses would say: What? Can't be! I would know about that if it happened! I'm to smart for that to have happen without knowing about it! Well, WRONG and simply it is so DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED! Even many of the people on the inside track that were working within this procedure developing the takeover as it took place did not know being that they were dealing with just a few branches or trees in the forest but had no idea as to the collective totals involved. Keep in mind collective government's gross income (Local and Federal) as of 2007 from ALL sources (Investment, Taxation, and Enterprise) amounted to fourteen-trillion dollars for the year and the population's gross income net after taxation was five trillion dollars. [Populations gross income was ten-trillion minus direct and indirect taxation of five-trillion]. The few on the top of the heap that did know, knew that silence was truly golden and that the void in comprehension within the masses was imperative to be maintained for them to continue business as usual unabated so massive efforts were made within the syndicated news media; controlled education; political parties to maintain that void. The money involved over the years as it grew allowed for many a skids to be greased and indoctrination of many cooperative paid personal assigned to maintain the void or vacuum of comprehension and illusion as to the life the masses where living whereby they thought they were free but in reality under the yolk of a masterfully presented extortion racket due to the money involved. A racket that was more oppressive then any form of communism, socialist, or fascist government standing alone. The key for the masses to see this and fill the void intentionally created in their comprehension's is to start looking at collective totals. Keep in mind that as of 2009 there are over 184,000 separate local government entities big and small alone in the USA before Federal is accounted for, each with their own investments and separate totals. A few days ago I received a call from a researcher from the state of Washington that wanted to know about the motive behind this Swine Flu vaccine promotion. He wanted to know per the companies that were greatly profiting, what percentage of those companies were owned by collective government. My reply was between 71% to 85% of each company involved was owned through collective stock ownership by government. To qualify my statement I directed him to a source where he could start adding up totals with that source being some of the large local government pension fund holdings. I noted that local government pension funds were set up as "Strictly Participatory" which meant that the local governments owned; controlled; and directed the base equity in those funds and the employees, as if buying a ticket to ride a train had zero (not 1c) ownership, they just had a ticket to ride with set parameters from point A to point B. Local governments set the funds up this way so that they would benefit from the ownership of that equity and have a free hand in developing their own power base derived therefrom. To start I pointed him to one of the largest government funds of many from the State of NY; the listing of investments held by the NY State Retirement Fund in 2006: http://cafr1.com/STATES/NEWYORK/RETIREMENT/NYRINV2006.PDF I was not picking on this one fund, but it was a good reference of a large fund to start with and I noted to him that he could pull up the same from different states and start adding up collective totals from the different reports. So he downloaded this one listing and we looked at ownership of a few companies and a few of them I list here from this one report: Baxter International $105 million; Gilead Sciences Inc $127 million; Roche $87 million, etc., etc. If you look at the profit made it is substantial. In each state there are several large government retirement funds and many small fund sometimes several hundred in a large state. Looking at the big ones will give a representative example. When looking at say fifty or sixty of the large funds the collective totals add up to being evidently clear that the government OWNS these companies by investment. With the thousands of separate government entities networked through a few private associations, they can rule towards policy; price; procedure; and market saturation. This intertwined ownership and the ability to funnel taxpayer funds into these companies guarantees massive profits for the government's investments and creates the ups and downs in any one market as they enter and exit in uniform collective motion. Any other private investors outside of the loop are subject to guess work and luck if they obtain a profit. The only fundamentals at play here is the movement of the large government institutional funds creating the market as they move in and out in concert networked in perfected timing by the private associations that call the shots for them in consult. This gives a new definition to the golden rule: "He who controls the gold makes the rules" and in this case it is: "He who controls the investments makes all the rules" As you start to look at the different international holdings held in these reports, you will see the top four profit makers in order of profits generated are: The Pharmaceutical / Health Care Companies; The Bank / Financial Companies; The Oil / Energy Companies; The War Industry Groups. Government in its collective totals has acquired absolute ownership of these companies through stock; bond; and cash investment in these companies. The private sector ownership in the same is insignificant in comparison. So here we have government determining police; events; and programs that in all reality guarantees themselves massive profits and in many case bringing forth policy and events that are very counter productive to the general public good and well being. War and Health care costs being perfect examples.. One recommendation for you to track down a few of these government investment holding reports is to use Google. As a starter for you per local government retirement funds I list a few at the bottom of this page with the first grouping being links to government Annual Financial Reports (the CAFR) and the second grouping at the bottom being for Government Retirement funds. http://cafr1.com/listings/Listings.html You will note several of the largest funds listed for each state. It is important to realize that as these funds grew over the decades they drove the economy by capitol investment. The power base that was created was unequaled especially when collective totals are amassed, we are talking just from the thousands of separate government retirement funds both federal and local somewhere between $26 to $28 trillion. Was the general population aware of this? No, they never looked and they were not meant to look due to the money involved. Did most government employees know this? No, and a ditto as stated above.. The News covered the Madoff swindle. Well that was pocket change on pocket change compared to the holdings as stated here. Why was Madoff not stopped sooner? He was burning and stealing from the private sector and not government investment funds. If he had played the same game with government investors, he would have been stopped in 1/10th the time. Bottom line of all of the above? TAXATION IS NOT NEEDED! Government took it all over by investment through the use of taxation being funneled through the coffers. Well, they have accomplished the objective of the takeover. The large corporations; banks; insurance companies; many real-estate projects are owned through investment by collective government. The investment return generated therefrom come the year 2001 was greater than ALL taxation collected. Those that have read the writings of CAFR1 for a while know that a new form of government and economy is being presented by CAFR1. An economy that is based not on Cash; Taxation; and Investment, but an economy that is based on Cash and Investment ONLY! An economy that has a government that is funded by what are called Tax Retirement Funds (TRF) that are established to meet local governments budget requirements whereby taxation is not needed and can be phased out in its entirety. Not reduced but eliminated. The beautiful thing about this is that government in its zeal to take it all over by investment has the standing management teams; structure; and holdings to make this happen at the stroke of a pen. No matter from what direction you look at it from, taxation is extortion and never should have been allowed to take root as it has. Why is the phasing out of taxation and the implementation of the TRFs not happening all across the county and the world at this moment in time? Easy answer there! Easy money and the decades of structure; focus; collusion; intentional non-disclosure, that took place as they (collective government) took it all over by investment. Spoiled children with access to an almost unlimited till do not like to modify their behavior. Especially when they believe they took over the complete show by intentional deception maintained and have amassed massive wealth therefrom. As an end result of the road we all have been on that is why the masses are being stripped piece by piece of freedoms; wealth; and operational unions and the individual is being told for all intents and purposes to shut up; do what you are told; and mind your own business. Arrogance flourishes when massive wealth is created by deception; theft; and extortion as it has within our own government as it has been also within other governments throughout the world and throughout the decades. Government is marketing to the masses that they are broke. Why do they do this? Quite simply; Who looks behind the poor mans house for a tower of gold and riches held... There is no accident that the US has the highest levels of crime; breakup of the family; and drug / alcohol abuse in the world. These factors are VERY profitable to your local governments and especially for the lawyer / attorney complex running the show. That breeding grounds has flourished and exponentially grown as the opportunity to bleed the populace presented itself. It is a scary thought that over 70% of our governors; senators; and congressmen are attorneys. An even more scary thought is that most people that voted for them did not even know the people they voted for were attorneys. When you look at the actions of these elected attorneys, what they are doing is taking all available cash on hand; locking in investment profits; and dotting the I's and crossing the T's to lock in the productivity value of the next five generations. A miraculous awakening needs to take place here to reverse the path we are heading down. It is a very unpleasant path that will lead to our own annihilation in due course. When there is massive wealth as there is in this country, there is the potential for massive orchestrated theft. Well, it has, is, and will continue to happen if the fundamental structure of things remains the same without true corrective measures to reverse the path we are currently on. The key phrase here is: "capital investment" Government took it all by taking control of the world capital investment. From this point forward if the people revert the growth and use of capital investment to run government through the creation of TRFs then the people may stand a chance of regaining freedom; wealth; and future excellence in their lives. The implementation of the TRFs changes the core underlying motive behind the government controllers from having the people at their disposal to be continuously drained and managed productivity units as livestock in the fields, but in turn under the TRF management principle, the more prosperous the people are the more flourishing the economy is and thus solid investment returns and more revenue for the local governments. This gives the top government players a very good incentive to downsize and be as efficient as possible. Additionally it is a win - win for all three power groups: The financial cartels (unequaled capital investment held and growing driving the economy and under their management); The masses (no taxation, smaller government, true ownership of their property; less intrusion by government; better standard of living); and government (steady return coming in from TRFs to operate their budgets from) The new CAFR1 documentary The Only Game in Town - The way our government can be, soon to be released is designed to fill in the void of comprehension inflicted on the masses as to government's take-over of the wealth and more importantly it brings forward the simple steps necessary to correct the situation where taxation is eliminated and the people regain ownership and direct benefit of their own productivity and wealth maintained. A fix that can lead to the proverbial millennium, a thousand years of prosperity for one and all. The TRF is not just for application in the US but is for application worldwide. Anywhere there is taxation the TRF can cancel it out and create a more thriving economy for that country and all that live there.. The new documentary maintains a positive tone and I designed it to be understood by the average person, corporate executives, and world leaders. The launch date for release looks like it will be January 10th 2010 or (01/10/10) for those of you that may see a numeric significance in the release date. It is my hope that the documentary will be viewed by millions of people in a very short period of time whereby triggering in the collective consciousness of the people the comprehension that will start an unstoppable tidal wave for implementation of what is presented that puts into motion, venue by venue the application whereby the current path we are walking down fades and a new well lit path emerges.
As the old saying goes: "May the saints be with us" and "Can you feel it now?" or as Bart Simpson would say "Are we there yet, are we there yet", no not yet but getting closer.Truly yours,Walter J. Burien, Jr. – CAFR1.comP. O. Box 2112Saint Johns, AZ 85936email: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com Tel. (928) 445-3532http://cafr1.com/ and http://taxretirement.com/
PS: I am still short on meeting the objective for the documentary fund drive currently scheduled to end 12/25/09 (midnight of the 24th). If you or someone you know can help, please have them do so. If the objective is not reached by midnight of the 24th I will be extending the cut off time until 01/10/10. Keep in mind contributors will be reimbursed from the proceeds of the documentary (30% of the gross receipts will be allocated for that purpose) as stated on the documentary info page that is linked below the ChipIn money bomb.
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